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This blog that I'm writing is my story about the first car that I had and how I could have prevented something bad from happening but instead of taking care of my car I was not mindful and I was careless. My first car was a Buick LeSabre 1998 and it was a nice car. It had a few problems which I understood when I bought it that I would run into problems since the car was non-op for 2 years. In fact I had problems with the car before I even purchased it. I found the car on craigslist (always be aware when buying because there are many scammers but some honest people also) and it was nice. A blue 1998 Buick LeSabre and the seller was 40 minutes away from me. I wasn't a very good driver at the time but my father was shopping with me since he knew about cars and can tell you what was wrong with a car like most people who worked on cars. I was new at this so I didn't know what to look for. We drove to Fullerton, CA and proceeded to check out the vehicle which looked much better in person. The car drove ok but we knew it had good potential. Now the car alternator went out after we agreed that I would purchase the car but no money was exchanged and it was the day after I seen the vehicle. This private seller was an honest man and a good guy so he ended up paying for the alternator and fixing the car before he sold it to me. After purchasing the car for the agreed amount I drove this car for about six months or a little longer before I ran into problems. I wasn't surprised it was non-op for 2 years. I didn't mind getting it fixed in the beginning. After time went by and I had problems after my second year I was tired of spending money on a car. The last problem that I had cost me hundreds, I was pretty much done, I had had enough. I loved the car it was nice, I liked the style, the size and I wasn't paying a car note. But all the problems the car had there was none as major as the last problem which could have been prevented and most people would say it was stupid on my part. I agree and that's why I would like to remind people about the importance of checking on your car and maintaining it.
Here's what happened. I"m driving down the freeway and everything seems like it's going ok. The car is riding smooth, I had just fixed my car barely a few months before and everything was fine until I can get no pressure from my gas and I have my foot on the paddle trying to speed up. My cousin tells me she smells something and I smelled it too. Wondering what was happening and trying to drive safe where the traffic is moving over 65 miles per hour finally my car wants to stop. I move from out of the third lane away from the exit and pass by a speeding semi-truck barely because I can get no gas pressure and my car is moving less than 40 miles per hour I finally make it safely towards the exit and my car finally stops completely. I pop my truck and see that the radiator hose is blown. My car overheated. I call a towing company and safely remove my car off the road, finally I make it to my mechanic to find out how this happened and how it could have been prevented.. He reveals to me that the problem happened because I ran out of fluids.. This problem cost me $1000. I was upset but I paid and eventually ran into one more problem before I sold my car. I realized that I could have saved $1000 and to think it was over fluids. Something as simple as checking your fluids can save you a sum of money. I know now and I knew to check then but I didn't worry about seeing that I never needed fluids but it shows me the importance of checking on your car and taking care of it. Having a car can be expensive but taking care of your car can save you a good amount of money. My advise isn't that you should go to your mechanic often but it's that the smallest things matter or you can end up paying a great amount of money.

                                                                                                      By R. Smith